Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Large Ice Shelf Breaks Free Off Eastern Greenland

Updated 7/30/11

Huge chunk of the ice shelf breaks off in the area of Bjornegletscher in the Fram Strait area of the Greenland Sea we've been watching to assess sea ice transport out of the Arctic Ocean.

UPDATE: Here's a close-up from the DMI website:

These two chunks of ice are about 80 mi. x 50 mi. total. Yesterday it looked like this:
The total area including the piece that had already broken maybe... 8,000 sq miles, very roughly estimated. I don't yet know if that is a permanent or seasonal ice shelf, so I will update when I know if this is a Big Deal or not.

UPDATE: Fun to watch, but it looks like the shelf is seasonal, at least in recent years.

UPDATE: Hard to see through the clouds. Breaking up. Drifting northeast. The Fram Strait has some interesting currents.

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