Sunday, November 22, 2009

Of Crashes, Failures and Bailouts - Round VI

This video speaks for itself. Who got bailed out? Not you and not me. We are the proud owners of all the debt created by federal policies, deregulation, and outright fraud.

Elizabeth Warren would be an excellent choice to replace Tim Geithner, Larry Summers or Ben Bernanke. In case you distrust Warren as an insider, you should also watch the following (it will help you understand why Americans are so leveraged in debt, why a two-income household is required, and why we've nothing left for Wall Street and the government to drain from us, and so why they are now pawning off their debt on our children... and their children... and their children...)


  1. CCPO
    Completely off topic because I could not find another way to contact you. Think of this as an e-mail.

    You recently posted a challenge on Real Climate “If you have ANY scientific paper, or set of scientific papers, that disprove, to any degree at all, the anthropogenic influence on climate, with particular regard to warming since 1850, please post them.–ccpo

    I sent the following response to Real Climate:
    Here is a link to a list of papers that indicate that GHG gases are not the sole cause of climate change since 1850:

    I find it upsetting that my attempt to provide a response on Real Climate was not allowed. Frankly, I did not check these references other than to see if they were published in a journal that I trust and enough of them were so that I thought it would meet your challenge. However, the fact that the response did not get through indicates that one reason that you have not received a response is that responses were screened out.

    Although I am skeptical about AGW given the risks I do think we should be acting now. Frankly this type of action by the most vocal proponents of CAGW is detrimental to implementing meaningful change.

  2. CNY Roger,

    Nobody, and I stress very strongly NOBODY has ever said GHGs are the sole cause of climate change. EVER.

    They are the primary cause of the rise above @285 ppm and of the temp rise. Up to 1850 CO2 didn't go above 300 for millions of years. Many millions.

    If your comment didn't get through, it's likely because the Heartland Institute is a propaganda machine and nothing more.

    Add to that that the article is by a lawyer, all the more reason. Why would any intelligent person base their understanding of climate on the writings of a lawyer, particularly one associated with Heartland?

    That she bases her opinion on the absurdity that climate science is LESS robust since 2006 is insane. Literally.

    1. A large # of citations of Christy, et al, which is all highly flawed and discussed to death.

    2. She cites Keenlyside which in no way supports a non-anthropogenic stance. In fact, the opposite.

    3. She supposedly is citing that IPCC IV is out of date, yet the majority of her citations are even older.

    4. A large # of citations of Spencer, et al, which is all already shown to be crap.

    5. Clouds? And from 1999? For chrissake, man!

    Evidence enough she is absolutely full of crap.

    I stopped there.


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